Goodbye Thailand!

Hello everybody! No way! We can hardly believe that it’s already January 27!
Our time here in Thailand has sadly come to an end and boy has it ever flown by. These past two weeks were full of a large variety of ministry.

For the first week, we were able to do some more children’s ministry (specifically at schools) as well as some manual labor around the YWAM base. For the labor, we began to clear out the weeds, bamboo and grass out of a field where the YWAM team is planning on building some more staff housing and eventually making a football field. Every afternoon with the team from the base we went to villages where, door to door, we handed out Bibles, talked with the people, and prayed for them.

During the second week, we traveled up to Chiang Sean, a place near the golden triangle. The golden triangle is where Thailand, Burma and Laos touch. Throughout our stay, we got to meet a group of refugee families, play with their children, and share the love of Christ. We also did lots of children’s ministry at schools and an orphanage and had the incredible opportunity to meet some students from Laos. We also got other occasions to distribute Bibles to families.
A huge highlight of our past week was getting to see God do amazing healing. We saw 3 different people healed from head and back pain as well as dizziness. It was so great to see our team united and praying together with a heart for these wonderful people.

Check out the video of what we have been doing!

Today, our two teams have been separating to go to two different countries. It is sad and challenging to split out Thailand team into our two outreach groups, but we know that God has great things in store for the upcoming countries. We are continually grateful for all of your prayers and support from back at home.

Here are some things we would love further prayer for:
– Praise report: we are thankful for the work God has been doing through our ministry. We have ministered to hundreds of children during our time in Thailand!
– One of our outreach leaders had to leave the team due to a family emergency, so we would love prayer for her and her family. We would also appreciate prayer for our other outreach leader and our team
– We would love prayer for safe traveling to next country
– Prayer for guidance – we don’t have plans for some of the time in our next country -would also be appreciated
– Finally, please pray for the people who God has impacted through our ministry.

Sending our love and blessings from Thailand!

Team Thai-Nam


Diving into Ministry

Hello from Thailand!

Our team has been having an incredible time here in Thailand so far! We had the amazing privilege to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Bangkok before we moved to Chiang Rai. We spent the first two weeks in Chiang Rai participating in some children’s ministry, cleaning up a new missionary building, and working with some university students. Throughout our ministry, we had the opportunity to preform dramas, share testimonies and sermons, play games, teach songs with actions, and most importantly, share the love of Jesus with the people of Thailand.

Specifically, for the university ministry, we got to see some of the students who we worked with come to church the following Sunday. Some of them attended for their very first time! We have been so blessed to be able to actually see some of the fruit of the work that God has been doing here in this city.

Words can hardly express how much of a blessing and encouragement it has been to work alongside the local missionaries and pastors of this nation who are serving Jesus with their whole hearts. They have showed us so much love and compassion during our stay and it is amazing to see how much sacrificial love they continually pour out to others.

Here is a video of what we have been doing!


As of yesterday, we have moved to another location here in Chiang Rai where we will be continuing our ministry and also distributing Bibles to those in the area.

We are so thankful for each of your prayers and the encouragement we have been receiving from friends and family back at home. We would really love prayer for:
-Bible distribution during these two weeks
-Continual unity amongst the members of our team
-the children who we will be working with in local schools
-A deepening of each of our relationships with God (as a community and individually)

Thank you again for lifting us up in prayer from nations all over the world. We are excited to see what God has in store for us and the people of Thailand over these coming days!


Rest in His love,

Team Thai-Nam


And the Journey Begins!

Hello everyone!

We are so excited to welcome you to our new blog!

Here we will be posting our experiences and information about our Youth With A Mission (YWAM) outreach. As a Discipleship Training School (DTS) team, we are heading to Central East Asia on December 29.

Our 12 week lecture phase flew by! We had an incredible time digging deeper into our faith, studying the Bible, growing as a community, and building a stronger relationship with our Saviour. We had this amazing time to prepare and equip us to head into the nations and share the love of Jesus with others. We had a great time receiving from Him, and now we are so excited to pour out our knowledge, experience and the Truth to His children.

Our outreach team has nine trainees and two staff from many nations around the world, all here to learn and serve our God. These past weeks, we have had a wonderful time getting to know each other and preparing for our outreach experience. We have planned skits, songs, Bible lesson topics, activities, etc. We’ve also spent lots of time praying for the people that we are going to be meeting and the ministries that we will be participating in during our time away.


We would absolutely love some prayer for:

  • The logistical side of our outreach (paper work, flights, luggage, medical insurance, visas, communication with the contacts in the field, etc.)
  • Ministry (children, universities, evangelism, handing out Bibles, refugees, football ministry)
  • Health, strength and rest (especially with the time zone and food differences)
  • Our team (unity, encouragement, support, love, growth)
  • Our leaders (strength, wisdom, rest)
  • Individually (our relationships with God, our personal growth, and spiritual protection)


Thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog. Stay tuned for future updates! Our goal is to post around once a week.

Rest in His love,

Team Thainam